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In November of 2000, Cycles In Action (C.I.A.) was formed by several riders who loved to ride motorcycles, talked motorcycles and just plain be around motorcycles. The C.I.A. Motorcycle Club is open to all types and brands of motorcycles. We formed the club with the intent of having an organization where its primary goal was to have fun. We wanted to insure that riders with similar interests would be able to gather and ride together in a safe manner. We do many other things besides riding motorcycles. We have family events, camping trips, movie outings, club hopping, parties, charity events and many other fun-packed events. We invite all to join us who are looking to be a part of an organization which does not operate on membership dues. We feel that we already pay enough taxes to the government, so why pay again to ride our bikes on the highways and bi-ways? This is a concept that has really seemed to work well. As many of us know, money issues (scandals) have been the primary downfall of many organizations. This is why we chose not to require dues, but we do accept donations. We have several rides and events which we attend each year, as well as local rides. We are always looking for an excuse to ride!!!

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